When anger turns to pity…what a transformation to behold! Recently a situation occurred where a choice was to be made: go here or there… Though many thought the choice obvious, the person decided to go there, instead. The need was so great for both places yet the decision caused much anger unbeknownst by the person … Continue reading Pity

I’ve been struggling today…trying to find reasons… And it just hit me as I opened this app to write a few words: it’s August. That’s why I can’t sleep peacefully. That’s why I can’t focus. That’s why I’m trying to find reasons to keep going. It’s been fifteen years and I still have a hard … Continue reading


“We are broken children living in adult size, made from broken pieces, cracks scattering the light…” A line from a poem written long ago. Still fresh as the day I wrote it.  I can choose to look at life from a broken point of view, or I can put my pieces back together and see … Continue reading Cracks


I look around and see so much I have to be thankful for… My personal life has been full lately, mostly good things, things that should make me overjoyed. But I just want to sit in silence and cry. This past Mother’s Day was the first in years that I didn’t spend crying the entire … Continue reading Silence