Do you ever get stopped suddenly in your tracks? Like you’re fine and functioning and then this little nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach comes up and it’s from nowhere and you just lose your will to try??? Yep; that’s where I am right now.

This Is

This is so much different—nowhere near the same; well, what do you mean? Let me try to explain...when I hurt myself, I know what I’ll do; I’m a thinker and a planner, believe me, I’ve thought it through. I’ve made the calculations of how deep I can go, to maximize the hurt and remain in … Continue reading This Is


If you’re reading this, it means I’ve lost my mind; I’ve decided to print what I’ve tried to hide. I struggle with addiction; I’m in love with the pain— I say that I’ll stop, but I know I’ll start again. I might do good, and stay on track for a while; then I’ll slip back … Continue reading This


Every day at work, I am reminded just how precious and fragile life is.  As if I needed the constant reminder. But, maybe I did and maybe I do.  Some of the people I see on a daily basis have the brightest smiles...and I know they are in so much pain. They always smile in … Continue reading Mortality