Every day at work, I am reminded just how precious and fragile life is. 

As if I needed the constant reminder.

But, maybe I did and maybe I do. 

Some of the people I see on a daily basis have the brightest smiles…and I know they are in so much pain. They always smile in greeting and ask how I’m doing…GOD only knows exactly what they are going through and how short or long they will be here. 

And it’s not an easy task to be around these people every day who every day are reminded of their mortality. 

You and I can pretend for a while that we will live for a good long time yet, but they realize that each day is a blessing. 

For every one of us, one more morning is one less we will witness. 

Unless we have a terminal illness, we take for granted each time we breathe. 

For some people, putting one foot in front of the other is a struggle and a miracle when it’s accomplished all while most of us are hurried and impatient to get where we’re going. 

What if our next destination was our last? Would we still be so eager to arrive? 

I thank GOD for placing me where I am and reminding me to be thankful for the good and the bad. 

I need the reminders. I am so forgetful and ignorant. 

Hug your loved ones; tell them how much you love them…you never know to whom, or when, that last breath will come.

4 thoughts on “Mortality

    1. Yes, everything…we take everything for granted and slowly things are taken away…the big thing is life itself, but each life is millions of little things coming together in perfect time, orchestrated into a miraculous masterpiece. The highs and lows, ups and downs all woven perfectly by the Creator. The ugly parts make us appreciate the beauty. It’s hard, but we should be thankful for even the bad, not just the good.


  1. I think it’s very humbling. It is a struggle to remember that life is not just future, but thank goodness God is more patient and forgiving than we are to ourselves, right?


    1. Right. We cannot imagine how great are His forgiveness and patience. We are so swift to anger, yet He is so merciful to us.


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