Comfort Zone

Sometimes we need to step outside of our comfort zone. It’s really the only way we grow. I was noticing the vegetation around me and how some trees and plants grow up...if they are surrounded by other trees, they grow taller, but never branch out very far. Yet the same tree growing where it has … Continue reading Comfort Zone


Gradual changes are the hardest to recognize in oneself. So slow and subtle, they are often unnoticed until much time has passed. For the past 20 years, I have been changing into something I never wanted to be. It was a wake up call when I had an answered prayer...a prayer I’d made so often, … Continue reading Repairing


As a rule, I avoid confrontation at all costs. Maybe I should clarify. I avoid verbal confrontation. I do not like raised voices or harsh words. I have been verbally abused and emotionally manipulated for most of my life. I am extremely sensitive and feel pretty broken. I have recently realized how much damage and … Continue reading Confrontation

Free Fall

I’m in a free fall Floating on the breeze Suspended in time The wind washing over me.  Everything is smooth No worries or cares Just drifting along Soaring on the air.  The sun on my face Warms me within Such a lovely feeling  I can’t help but grin.  Quickly wiped away  As I’m jolted in … Continue reading Free Fall


Sometimes I find a little relief by writing; sometimes I don’t. I just want peace.  I’m so tired of fighting…  For everything.  It’s a constant.  This never ending battle…   Within myself.  And not just me.  Internal and external…   Fighting ensues.  I fight for speech: For just a chance to be heard…   If only once.  I … Continue reading Relief


Flashback, shallow rapid breaths Sweaty palms, bare fluorescent bulbs overhead. Shadows, cold, unfamiliar faces Whispering an unlearned, foreign language.  Chanting short, rhythmic sounds From every direction, my eyes dart around.  Searching, terrified am I Gone is the one; he’s gone from my side. Thump, thump, pounding in my chest, Surely everyone can see me in … Continue reading Tremors

The Lies We Tell Ourselves

The lies we tell ourselves are too many to even try to attempt to list. I’m not even going to try. Instead, I want to take a moment and give you time to think how many times and how many ways you lie to yourself. How much are you your own worst enemy?