The other day, a friend of mine told me that religion had messed her up. And while that may shock some people, I couldn’t agree more. It is the religion of the self-righteous. The ones who believe in prayer alone and the ones who “live according to the Ten Commandments” and therefore are “sinless”.  Don’t … Continue reading Religion


I need you to know something.  I need you to listen and believe me this one time. You. Are. Whole.  You may feel broken, battered and bruised; it’s okay to feel like that as long as you know that you are not broken. You have everything you need to make it on your own.  You … Continue reading Hey!!


Dark thoughts.  Do you know what it's like to cry yourself to sleep? And for no other reason than just because you are you?  Or to feel alone when you’re surrounded by people? To feel like you are outside looking in and will never be able to join the crowd because, quite frankly, there are … Continue reading Tenebris

Eyes…Always Watching

Hunted… Stalked… Judged… Eyes tracking my every step, judging my pace, measuring my breathing, reading my thoughts.  Imperceptible movement from the stalker...really just the eyes following me as I passed.  Hoping I tripped, maybe? Contemplating how silly I must be walking toward no real destination, having no goal, or plan? I could read her thoughts, … Continue reading Eyes…Always Watching


Once upon a time, there was a little girl who got her heart shattered by the person she trusted most.  Her best friend.  The one person in the world who she should have been able to count on for anything and everything.  Her dad.  He transitioned from being her best friend to the person she … Continue reading Independence


The other day, my daughter asked me a question that really hurt me. It made me stop and think about some decisions I’ve made, some choices I’ve taken. And too, it made me think of some things I said to my own mom, once upon a long time ago...come to think of it, I was … Continue reading Hurt