The Mind

“The mind is a powerful place"1 (NF The Search) I hear you. The mind is powerful and scary. I'm battling my mind right now. It is telling me that I need to revert to coping mechanisms that I've used for decades...and I don't want to do that. So am I weak if I need to … Continue reading The Mind


Do you ever sit there and trace a line you’ve drawn?Try to conjure up a feeling you have known?Maybe think about the past and want to repeat, Shudder at the thought, but fear it’s meant to be.I don’t understand the pull, the attraction; Why sometimes I feel I am called to action;To plunge into the … Continue reading Darkness

Consider the Source

“You're running, aren't you...”It's not a question she's asking.And it hurts you, though youconsider the source. “You’re running, aren’t you…From what I’m not sureBut now I’ve got you”Consider the source. Don’t let them get youYou’re so much stronger After all you’ve been through Consider the source. This is another try toKeep you rooted in placeAnother … Continue reading Consider the Source

Smallish Vent

You know what sucks? It's having a big sensitive heart. It's giving so much of yourself...and getting nothing in return. Because you forget...not everyone feels or expresses themselves the same way. It's expecting something...when you damn well know your expectations are too high. You set yourself up for a letdown. Stop it. Stop counting on … Continue reading Smallish Vent