We rarely let our innermost feelings seep to the surface. So much we keep private. You know how you are a world inside that no one else is privy? Guess what… We’re all like that.  Everything we show the world is an illusion. It is what we want the world to see.  But sometimes what … Continue reading Illusions


Stones... For stepping… Or slipping... Or building... Or stumbling… Life is the water washing over the stepping stones. Sometimes the stone is dry and sure; other times it is slippery when wet. I feel like I’m a stone for slipping.  An impediment.  An obstacle.  I feel like if you gain a little boost, watch your … Continue reading Stones


I was busy minding my own business and just got hit with the heaviest feeling of guilt.  From something I did over 20 years ago.  I’m talking about heart heavy... Can’t catch my breath... Stomach churning... WTF was I thinking… Paralyzing guilt.  Body shaking...  Wish the ground would swallow me whole... Don’t want to be … Continue reading Guilt


The other day I was thinking about how I feel cheated.  I was listening to the conversations around me.  Listening to them laugh and act the fool; thinking how nice it must be to not have a care in the world.  Thinking how they all seem to have it all together.  How they are in … Continue reading Sigh…

Tone of Voice

Tone of voice is detrimental in delivery.  It can make or break relationships.  Tone can turn a statement into a question and a question to a command.  A simple phrase muttered under the breath is taken much differently than the same said outright.  A condescending tone belittles the hearer and uplifts the speaker.  Conversations turn … Continue reading Tone of Voice