For stepping…

Or slipping…

Or building…

Or stumbling…

Life is the water washing over the stepping stones. Sometimes the stone is dry and sure; other times it is slippery when wet.

I feel like I’m a stone for slipping. 

An impediment. 

An obstacle. 

I feel like if you gain a little boost, watch your step when watching me as stones are slippery when wet. 

As I’ve stated before, this is real for me.

This is what I’m going through. 

Life is ups and downs. 

It’s never constant; never steady; always changing; always shifting. 

For me. 

It seems I get better, then I slip again. 

I hope my sliding doesn’t bring you down with me. It is my desire that you learn from my stumbles and not trip on the stones in the way but use them to move forward and build stairs that will take you to new heights. 

You see, I may slip and stumble from time to time, but I always regain my footing and continue on. 

Let that be your takeaway. 

Rest when you are weary; allow time to grieve; but always get back up again. 

Your story isn’t over; keep moving forward.

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