Picture Perfect Family

You might come from a “broken” home or one that is considered “whole”. You might be an only child, or one of many. 

There’s no such thing as a perfect family. 

We all have our demons and problems, but we do the best we can. 

I know of families with both parents present. Model families. The kind of family you wish you had…

And I know the kids as adults. 

Half of them are in therapy…

The other half are in denial… 

I know adults from broken homes who have it all together. At least what they show the world. 

“We are all broken children living in adult size…”

There are no perfect circumstances. 

We are what we choose to be. 

If I want to always be the victim, that’s what I’ll be. 

If I get tired of that, I’ll change. 

Nothing in life worth having is handed to you. You gotta fight for what you want. 

Yeah, I’ll continue to slip and slide, but I’m going to adjust my grip and persevere. 

I’m not going to let my family dynamics dictate my future. 

My parents did the best they knew how with what they were given. Neither of them had perfect childhood memories. 

That’s okay. 

Life’s not perfect. 

It is up to us to make the most of it. 

To make it better. 

So decide. Are you going to stay in the mindset of your broken past, or will you shake that shit off and be a better you?

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