When anger turns to pity…what a transformation to behold! Recently a situation occurred where a choice was to be made: go here or there… Though many thought the choice obvious, the person decided to go there, instead. The need was so great for both places yet the decision caused much anger unbeknownst by the person … Continue reading Pity


Sitting outside listening to the birds sing… oh to be that happy and carefree! I am so tired of fighting… I feel like every day is a battle… There is so much strife in life, in work, in everything, and I’m just so tired. Tell me what to do, Lord, I’m listening for your Word. … Continue reading Listening


Some days start out good.  You get things done, have a good time, enjoy the ride… And then you get stopped… Out of your control… Just hang on… Thank the good Lord for the circumstances surrounding this; it could have been much, much worse.  Thank the Lord for protection and provision. Thankfully God has His … Continue reading Thankfully