When anger turns to pity…what a transformation to behold!

Recently a situation occurred where a choice was to be made: go here or there…

Though many thought the choice obvious, the person decided to go there, instead. The need was so great for both places yet the decision caused much anger unbeknownst by the person who made the choice.

So, one of us went ‘there’ while the rest came ‘here’.

Later, someone made the comment that she was no longer angry, she felt sorry for him because in making the choice to go another place, the person missed out on a blessing that can never return. 

Perhaps that realization is the greatest blessing I could have received…in knowing that the Lord is guiding us, watching us, and He is with her when I cannot be. 

We pray for our children; how great is it when we see the fruits of our labor?! 

I had received a blessing in the message, but the greater blessing was in the tears as not only did she hear, but she understood that what is once missed is not to return.

Her anger yielded and turned to pity. What a blessing indeed!

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