Be a light… The light you give off attracts others who shine on your level. Not like moths to a flame, but as butterflies to nectar.  Your light is needed. Somewhere out there, someone is searching for you; you have the message they need to hear. Your light helps guide them… You feed each other … Continue reading Be


Light weight in quick repetition increases endurance.  Maybe that’s why the Children of Grace are subject to opposition… Usually it’s the little happenings that chip away at their resolve. Not the big things.  When something monumental happens, we are surrounded by people who love and care for us. We have a support system that builds … Continue reading Endure

Frantic Pacing

I feel so small right nowtight in a ball right nowstuck in my feelings right nowdon't like this feeling right nowmy insecurities are growingmy self doubt isn't slowinglike a disease overflowingparanoid: is it showing?!?I hear voicesand noiseswhispersand snickersQuiet talking all around melow self esteem wrapped around meparalyzing fear seeps around mewant to hide from all … Continue reading Frantic Pacing


Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.  That’s a true statement.  Too often we all dwell on everything that is going wrong, but if you’re reading this, then something is going right.  GOD didn’t rest until HIs work was finished. HE stepped back and saw that “everything was … Continue reading Rest