Your life may suck, but it’s your example that matters.

Your life can go wrong in every way shape and form, but people are watching your reactions: they want to know how to react. People are always watching you.

So yeah, you’re gonna have it bad and there are times that you’re not going to want to get up in the morning; there are times when you’re gonna want your life to end, you’re just ready to die, but that’s when you rise because that’s when people watch and people see. And they see how God moves in your life.

We are a living testimony to God in our lives. And if we sit there and wallow in our self pity and self loathing and we dread the morning, then we’ve lost the battle and our testimony isn’t worth anything.

Tragic accidents happen. The things we endure are not meant to break us, they’re meant to strengthen us and others.

We’re going to need a moment to bend, to react, but take that moment, straighten up and give your worries to GOD. HE has a reason for all seasons and this might be the moment that is the answer to that prayer you’ve had for years. The one you’ve given up on having answered. This tragedy is a blessing; maybe not that you’ll see, but God is using you.

Remember that.

You are a guiding light for others.

We don’t always know how much of an impact we have…but I promise you, someone has thought about you and remembered your reactions.

And when you think of life that way, that you are an example whether you want to be or not, it really changes the game.


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