Be a light…

The light you give off attracts others who shine on your level.

Not like moths to a flame, but as butterflies to nectar. 

Your light is needed. Somewhere out there, someone is searching for you; you have the message they need to hear. Your light helps guide them…

You feed each other and help each other grow. By sharing your light with others, you help others find their way out of the darkness that you’ve overcome.

Be a witness…

Not all of us are as bold as Stephen or Paul. We don’t need to draw in the masses to have increase. 

Look at the example of Martha. She was not loud or boastful, but meek and humble. And how many people have been encouraged by her actions?

Our actions and words are our witness. It is not always a dramatic example we are called to be. Sometimes just being ourselves is enough to have a great impact. 

Be a testimony…

We don’t all have to “wear our religion on our sleeves” but people notice how we carry ourselves. 

We are a living testimony to how great our GOD is. GOD makes HIS presence known…that is true even for HIS presence in our lives. We may not boldly profess HIM with words and actions, but HE is apparent in everything we do.

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