Fists clenched tight Muscles struggle and strain Jaws clamped shut Upward shoots the pain Eyes glassed over Tears fall like rain Red is my vision  I fight to maintain  Exhale, inhale Try to refrain Hold it together  Composure remained  Inside rages war Acid through my veins  Cut you down to size Before it reaches my … Continue reading Anger

Letter Writing

Letters are the worst... I don’t have trouble writing to a general public, but writing to someone specific often gives me difficulty. I spend hours slaving over verbiage... And punctuation... Making every effort to succinctly convey my message... All to scrap it and start over from the beginning. Numerous times. It’s so frustrating! Why can’t … Continue reading Letter Writing

Oaks and Seeds

I’m sitting here waiting for someone.  I’m by myself in my car.  A lawn service is cutting grass nearby.  Gorgeous oak trees full of Spanish moss, bright green leaves and poison sumac are in view.  I hear chatter, people laughing in the distance.  There is a breeze coming through the downed windows of the car. … Continue reading Oaks and Seeds

Seeking Balance

Cunning and illusive, Like the thorn buried in the skin, You feel and see the object within; But you can’t reach it… Your body knows Something isn’t quite right and tirelessly it tries to fight until resolution is found… It rots, beneath the surface Somewhere down deep The poisons start to seep Destroying the alien … Continue reading Seeking Balance