Seeking Balance

Cunning and illusive,

Like the thorn buried in the skin,

You feel and see the object within;

But you can’t reach it…

Your body knows

Something isn’t quite right

and tirelessly it tries to fight

until resolution is found…

It rots, beneath the surface

Somewhere down deep

The poisons start to seep

Destroying the alien form…

All of this is done

Without your permission

Your body has a mission

To protect the host…

And it’s funny how

Painful and how much fuss

Comes up from a piece of dust

You’d otherwise not notice…

Yes, I have a point

To all of this evasive scribble

That would not be called a riddle

About a thorn in the flesh…

I wonder how far we would

Let the thorn sink down into

The skin and not make an issue

Of the intrusion of our personal space…

Would we even notice the thorn

If not for the annoying pain

And pus that forever drains,

That demands our attention?…

Could it be that our lives are like

The thorn in the flesh, quietly

Destroying all of our, quote, sanity

Until something draws our attention…

Could we be that unhappy with

Whatever it is that has our mind

Trapped into a routine of time

As we circle the track yet again…

Could it be that our selves 

Would fight, unbeknownst to us,

Or try to hide it, if it must,

Our displeasure with our situation…

Cunning and illusive,

A simple look of ‘you feel it, too’

That something amiss isn’t new

And that evasive thought takes form…

And it grows and festers,

Until it consumes our minds

Twisting and turning, we can’t hide

We can’t escape the thought…

All because of one person, 

One person aggravated the seed

And fertilized those weeds

Showing us our discontent…

Or did I plant the seed;

Am I the thorn causing pain,

Am I the one that owns the blame

For causing restlessness?…

I think I am the problem:

I talk too bold and say too much,

Just enough questions to cast some doubt

On everything you knew before…

I am very sorry,

I never want to cause discord 

And lament I ever said a word

That made you feel dissatisfied…

I am sorry that my struggle

Has taken hold of you

And altered your view 

And made you question your place…

Or were you already asking

Questions within and about yourself 

Trying to find a little help

And I supplied the healing poison…

Because in order to heal

We must first destroy part

Maybe all I did was start

The painful healing process…

Let me hope it is that…

Thank you for letting me share

My heart and mind right here

And maybe we can all find balance…

2 thoughts on “Seeking Balance

  1. So why do we have to fall apart to heal? I feel like I’m “falling apart” way more than I am healing from my wounds. Is it because I’m not learning what I was supposed to be learning or what?


    1. You know how when you have a scab you want to keep picking at it? And the more you pick at it, the bigger it gets and the longer it takes to heal? I think it’s like that. I think the problem is we don’t wait until we’re healed before we try to go again and we tend to pick at our insecurities which doesn’t help us any. I don’t think it’s that we’re not learning, but maybe that we need to get stronger…it’s not weakness to take care of ourselves; that takes true strength.


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