Motivation vs Discipline

I was listening to a motivational message earlier and man I was pumped!

He was right on it. Line by line, I was there!

I walked a mile in a few short minutes without realizing it. In the zone, totally committed. Wow! It was amazing!!

I was on a roll!! Feeling great!! Ready to take on the world. Bring it, baby!! Whooo hoooo!

The next speaker I heard kinda took me back. Like, man bring the other guy back. Killin my vibe.

He was saying that motivation is great, but discipline is what smashes goals. 

You can be motivated all you want, but if you don’t have discipline, you won’t get far. 

And that’s what I lack…discipline. 

I need to take that advice and put the date on the calendar. 

I have flexible goals, but that’s not helping me. 

I need concrete, set in stone dates with objectives. 

I’m working on making some changes in my life, but as I said, my deadlines are flimsy. 

So my motivation is weak. 

Yeah, I get all fired up for a few days and then my enthusiasm wanes. 

What I need is discipline. 

I need to ink in my goals on the calendar and focus on reaching them. 

I need tunnel vision on those goals.

And not back down til I smash them!

It’s time to hold myself accountable. 

Also, I need to finish listening to that video. 

Sometimes what we don’t want to hear, is what we most need. 

Here is the link to the YouTube video I was listening to earlier about Discipline. It is a great piece if you have a chance to listen.

2 thoughts on “Motivation vs Discipline

    1. It is. To be consistent, you must have discipline. I am very consistent and disciplined in my professional life, but my personal life, I’m more flexible. What I mean is, I don’t set deadlines for myself because something is bound to happen. I need the deadline to stay focused.


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