Oaks and Seeds

I’m sitting here waiting for someone. 

I’m by myself in my car. 

A lawn service is cutting grass nearby. 

Gorgeous oak trees full of Spanish moss, bright green leaves and poison sumac are in view. 

I hear chatter, people laughing in the distance. 

There is a breeze coming through the downed windows of the car. I see the effects of the wind in the trees…

And my thoughts turn to the Butterfly Effect…

How one ripple can alter everything…

How simple life is, yet how complex…

A seed, scattered by the wind, no doubt landed here many decades ago and through time has grown into these gorgeous oaks around me. 

The seed had to land where it would be covered by the right amount of soil, gain the perfect amount of sunlight, just enough water and balance of nutrients to grow. 

Care had to be taken for these trees to not be removed for additional parking spaces or buildings. 

These trees had to be spared from harsh storms that could have demolished them. 

From the tiny seeds, grew these magnificent oaks offering shade for people and refuge for the animals nearby. 

All of this crosses my mind as I’m watching the moss sway in the breeze. 

And I think of the small miracle of the person for whom I await. 

One ripple in time could have prevented that life. 

One ripple in time could have kept us from meeting. 

How precious each life is, how meaningful…

Every one of us has a purpose and a gift to give. Many of us have more than one gift. 

Like those oaks, offering shelter to the birds and food, giving us oxygen and shade…

We can be and are blessings to others. Whether it is by smiling to a stranger or providing a meal to someone in need, perhaps lending an ear to someone suffering or giving a hand to someone who has fallen, the little things we do have a big impact on others. 

A little kindness goes a long way, and that little kindness spreads like the seed. It will keep on giving. 

Again I am reminded of how fragile life is and how miraculous. 

No one comes into our lives by accident. Each and every person has a purpose. I cannot fathom how intricate life is and how every action is orchestrated by a wise and powerful GOD. 

I am again awestruck by HIS perfect plan. 

The Butterfly Effect isn’t by accident; it is according to the word of the LORD and each ripple is choreographed by HIM.

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