What is OneFourZeroPM?

It’s that time of day when it’s too early to get ready to go home but too late to really concentrate. 

And that is especially true when you are working twelve hour shifts at a desk job. 

You know in a cubicle, where you have to be meticulous in your analysis of so much data…

OneFourZeroPM is when your mind says it’s had enough for the day. 

It’s the time when delirium sets in as you realize you’re only halfway through day two and GOD only knows how long this will keep up. 

I realize there are people who work those shifts on a daily, with no problems, but I’m not one of those people. I wasn’t made to work those shifts. 

I originally went to school for a career working those long hours, but I am not cut out for it. Sure I can go for a few weeks, but closer to a month in, and I start falling apart. 

OneFourZeroPM is for a mental break or mental stimulation of another sort. 

It’s random topics. 

It’s free and unsolicited conversation for the sake of conversing. 

It’s no strings attached. 

It’s no judgement. 

It’s therapy for me where I can rant about nothing and you can comment or ignore. 

OneFourZeroPM is a safe place. 

Grab a cup of coffee or hot cocoa, settle down and get comfy. These are real discussions, random topics, and raw emotions.

I hope you enjoy and feel comfortable enough to share your comments. 

This is where we laugh, we cry, we always thrive.