Short Story

Thump, thumpIn my earsMy heart is racing. Covered Sweat and tearsMy face are tracing. Straight up Twists and turns The trail I’m facing. Quiet, quietIn my mindMy thoughts are pacing.Dig in Find my grindVict’ry embracing.

I’m Lost

I fear I’m starting to lose my focus. I’m getting discouraged with all this ruckus. Every day is something new presented I’m confused, (this is so demented.) One day I learned to do it this way. And the next I was told this isn’t the way. So now I’m dumbfounded and stuck between What I … Continue reading I’m Lost


The time we have to shareIsn’t something we control We may scheme and plan and try But it’s not within our hold. And just because we are partedDoesn’t mean we didn’t feelThe bonds we make in lifeCan fill our journey with zeal. Be thankful for the timeWe walked the path together Through good times and … Continue reading Parting


Tone is everything. Tone influences attitude. It is word choice and inflection. A harmless question asked in the wrong tone can elicit an unwanted response. “Trigger” questions/ ”trigger” statements/ ”trigger” responses.  These make the hearer defensive. It causes the blood pressure to rise. Fists to clench, voices to strain. On the flip side, an insult … Continue reading Tone

The Other Shoe

Maybe I’m the only one, who’s had everything come undone; after orchestrating all I can, to control my destiny with my plan. Everything aligned, nothing out of place; check every I and every T just to be safe. And while I’m working on the details of plan A, preparing for that go live day, I … Continue reading The Other Shoe