Death and the Grave

HE conquered death and the grave.

Death is flesh.

Flesh is dead.

Flesh is the grave.

The grave is a prison…confining the spirit/soul.

CHRIST overcame the flesh and shattered the restrictions the flesh puts on the soul.

HE broke all the chains of bondage so HIS children are free.

When HE rose from the grave, HIS ‘flesh’ was no more.

CHRIST made all things possible…THROUGH HIM!

Without HIM, nothing is possible. 

With HIM, by HIM, and through HIM, the flesh is overcome; the grave is defeated; death is not experienced. CHRIST conquered it all so HIS children do not have to suffer as HE did.

Think of the love for HIS children…we all have said we’d take on burdens for our children so they wouldn’t have to suffer, but HE DID take on all the burdens of HIS chosen ones. Oh at the MERCY HE has shown! I am in complete humble submission to HIS will, when I am blessed to remember the sacrifices HE made. When HE allows me to remember and reflect on HIS mercy and grace that I am so undeserving, I feel so inadequate and so weak in HIS presence. 

I am so unworthy of any good. 

I can only hope to be one of HIS, though I do not claim to know that I am. 

I am so awestruck by HIS goodness and grace.

I am ashamed of everything, every vain thought and deed that I have committed. Each one, HE felt as HE hung on that tree. The weight of my sins alone is more than I could bear…and to think that HE willingly took on the sins of all HIS children. 

I cannot comprehend that love, nor can I imagine or come close to knowing anything similar: the love, the mercy, forgiveness, compassion, grace, strength, humility…

And as great as HIS love for HIS children, think of the hatred HE has for those who are not HIS. 

Yes, it is true, GOD does not love all: “Jacob have  I loved, but Esau have I hated.” Romans 9:13 KJV, and just read sometime in the Old Testament how HE hated those who were enemies of Israel (HIS CHOSEN PEOPLE). That’s not saying that HE didn’t also hate it when HIS children turned their back on HIM. Look at how HIS wrath would nearly destroy the entire race; and look, too, how HE would destroy countries and peoples completely, saving not even the animals, burning everything in sight.

Those who do not know the FATHER and who the FATHER does not know, those are cursed to die for all eternity; to be trapped in the flesh and suffer torments unimaginable. 

I shudder to think of that fate! And to not know if it is mine! OH how weak and failable I am!! I deserve to suffer for all time, but I hope I found favor, just one little drop of sweat that the SAVIOR shed, I hope it was for me. 

It makes me sick to think of all I’ve done…

It gives me hope to think of how great and powerful HE is.

I am comforted by the fact that HE does not make mistakes.

I hope to be thankful, truly thankful, for HIM and for how HE defeated death, hell, and the grave; how HE conquered the flesh and made a way for HIS children. 

The flesh is full of sin and leads to nothing but destruction. 

If we continue to be led by the flesh, we will not be led to anywhere profitable to the spirit. The flesh is death and is bound to be destroyed innumerable times…yet that is not understood by our fleshy minds and limited comprehension. BUT, the flesh was completely destroyed when JESUS CHRIST shed HIS blood, sweat, and tears and overcame all darkness.

Time does not exist. HE is the same yesterday, today and forever more. There is no separation between what was, what is and what will be. Now is yesterday; it is today and the future. We are just too feeble minded to see and understand. 

We are living in the times mentioned in the HOLY WORD. 

This is why time seems to be still…why we seem to be in the same place we were a year ago. We are! Time is irrelevant. 

The GOD of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob is the same GOD of Peter, Paul and John.  The difference is in the BLOOD. CHRIST’S blood, and for whom it was shed, decides who are HIS children. HIS blood can be traced through the Bible back to Abraham. HIS children are all those washed in HIS blood as HE hung at Calvary—past, present and future. I hope HIS blood is covering me. 

HE makes all things new. Every day is a new beginning; yet every day is a continuation of the one before. 

And being the failable creatures we are, we must strive again to conquer our flesh each day anew. Because we are, in the flesh, stuck, bound by the constraints of the dust, filth and sin in which we reside.

It is my hope that comfort can be found in knowing HE has already won the battle we face, if we can be blessed to see and know it.

2 thoughts on “Death and the Grave

  1. I like to think I love people the same way He loves me but I know I can’t. I can try and I can catch myself when I falter but He never falters. It’s amazing and scary all at once. Sometimes when I think about His unconditional love it literally makes me cry. Cry because I feel so unworthy of something so pure and cry because I have this amazing gift that I can never live up to but never want to let it go.


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