You no longer haunt me

For the longest time, you were everyone I met, and everywhere I went. I could not escape you.

Songs playing in the store would make me remember you.

I’d see something, think of you and a smile would stop halfway before it turned to pain.

I’d have an experience and reach to tell you, only to be knocked back with the memory that you no longer cared.

You no longer haunt me.

But damn did you hurt me.

There are so many words left unspoken…

So much I want to say…

So much we didn’t do.

You no longer haunt me.

And I can truthfully say I wish you nothing but the best.

I still love you as much as ever.

Take care.

May GOD bless you.

One thought on “You no longer haunt me

  1. Well said. Well said. Well said. I printed this out (with your name as the author of course) because I need this on repeat.


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