Sometimes I see myself running… I see myself running as fast as I can with no destination in mind.  Usually I do this when I am feeling trapped as I often feel. I can picture myself coming out of my skin and running until I can’t go anymore.  It’s like that feeling where I want … Continue reading Running


How did you say the title? ‘Tears’ I think it’s the little tears in our heart that cause the tears in our eyes. Even tears of joy are because of love and we all know that love hurts. Love can tear us in two sometimes.  I’ve been pretty low for a while now, just not … Continue reading Tears

Do You Ever

Do you ever just want to cry,Just because you are you,Not because of what’s insideOr what you have been through?Do you ever just break down,Just suddenly stop in place,You feel like you’re about to drown From the tears streaking your face?Do you ever try to suck in airJust gasp and strain for breath,Only to find … Continue reading Do You Ever


I'm trying to learn my triggers and learn from them. I disconnect often...trying to see what is real and what never was.  Sometimes what we hold on to is an illusion of what we thought when really it wasn't that way.  We hold onto feelings that don't exist either because it is what we crave … Continue reading Acceptance


Compassion as a noun is defined as: sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. Sometimes I struggle with compassion.  I like to think of myself as being compassionate, but I know that I do draw a hard line at times. I cannot stand crimes against children or anyone who is innocent. … Continue reading Compassion