I’m trying to learn my triggers and learn from them. I disconnect often…trying to see what is real and what never was.

 Sometimes what we hold on to is an illusion of what we thought when really it wasn’t that way. 

We hold onto feelings that don’t exist either because it is what we crave or what we want to think. 

We hold on to hatred so much that we forget to love ourselves.

 And we think that hating others says we love ourselves when in reality that hate gives us no room for love. 

If we can’t love ourselves and forgive ourselves, then our forgiveness of others isn’t real. 

And maybe we just need acceptance.

We need to accept that what we do, is the best we can do in any situation. Because it is. We do the best we can do with what we are given. We don’t have the benefit of hindsight. We go on faith and trust. 

And while those are hard for us, that is how we function. We are not promised anything and any promises can be broken. Not purposely, but stuff happens beyond our control. 

We must accept our mistakes, learn from them and move forward. Accept our faults and accept what is done looking for the little blessings in disguise. 

We must do this, not to forget, but so the weight of everything we carry doesn’t make us drown.

2 thoughts on “Acceptance

  1. This is 100% true. I also think many times some of us hold on to negative experiences because we have perfectionist tendencies and we set up idealistic standards. Once we accept the fallacies of others, we would have to acknowledge that we ourselves are fallible as well and would ultimately relieve a lot of stress from our psyche.


  2. I agree and think too that as long as we hold on to all the negative thoughts, we cannot grow. Some things are completely beyond our control and when those things go ways we would rather them not, we need to accept it as part of God’s perfect plan. Like you say, when we acknowledge these things, it will relieve much stress and free us from our self-made bondage.


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