Mirror, Mirror

The mirror knows all, sees all and still cannot always be true.

I’m so thankful for the way it turned out. 

We both made mistakes. We were both hurting and wanting the same things; needing from each other what we wouldn’t give. 

That’s the problem many times…we only see our hurt and pain and don’t see, I mean really see, that maybe we are causing the same pain on someone else. 

We look in the mirror and tell the person we see how hurt we are and how much people should suffer for causing our pain…but what about the pain we cause…

mirror, mirror, on the wall,
why do we think only others should fall;
why do we not see the dark inside;
that caused another’s blood shot eyes?

mirror, mirror, why can’t we see
the truth, the stark reality,
the bonds once strong, sure and true
can only be broken by us two?

mirror, mirror, please do tell,
we both must traverse this self-made hell;
pride cometh before the fall
shatters the glass, mirror and all.

mirror, mirror, you show no more
the illusion as you’ve shown before,
pieces missing, truth made plain
we’re all imperfect, we all have blame.

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