Compassion as a noun is defined as: sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.

Sometimes I struggle with compassion. 

I like to think of myself as being compassionate, but I know that I do draw a hard line at times. I cannot stand crimes against children or anyone who is innocent. People who hurt the innocents…it is a struggle to pity them. 

But then I think and wonder what happened that caused them to be like that. I mean something had to have happened to them in the past that caused this behavior or they must have a mental illness or something…and then I can offer sympathy, I do have compassion for them…

I know I have my demons and I hurt people all the time, but I swear it is unintentional. Just yesterday I was informed that when I play devil’s advocate I come off as being superior or judgmental. Opposite of my intention. I only state the other side’s point of view to try to aid in understanding…While I am extremely opinionated, I don’t usually push my opinions on others…I might agree with the person, but give the impression I oppose because I like to state the opposition’s case…oops, there I go again.

Back to compassion.

I hate to see or hear of people suffering. In my line of work, I see it daily. 

It’s hard for me. I am an empath. When I talk to these people on the phone, I feel their pain. I know they think I’m rude, but I am slightly unhealthy and blocking energy is difficult at times. 

Lately I’ve known of several people who are caregivers for estranged family. The patient cut ties with everyone, hurt all their loved ones, and now are dependent on them. 

And it’s a struggle. It’s hard enough to be a caregiver for someone you know well and love, but to have compassion and to completely change your life to become a caregiver for someone who’s hurt you so much in the past…wow.

That is what amazes me. 

That is something that warms my heart…to hear the pleas on the part of the helpless by the ones who were hurt the most.

We need a little more of that today.

That is compassion. 

That has to come from the LORD. 

Compassion is something I could only hope to receive when my time comes.

2 thoughts on “Compassion

  1. You sound very compassionate. That is a blessing to be an empath. I wish I was empathetic, but so many times I will hear people’s personal issues (even strangers, why they tell me I have no idea) and instead of “weeping with those who weep” I get into resolving the issue.


    1. It is both a blessing and a curse to be an empath. Empaths feel the pain of others along with whatever we are going through. Sometimes it is difficult to discern what feeling is mine and what is someone else’s.
      I, too, like to help fix the problem, but sometimes it isn’t a solution that is needed, it is just a shoulder to lean on or a listening ear. Having said that, I do think that your way of showing compassion is to do what you do best and work towards a solution to whatever ailment arises. You seem to be a problem solver, therefore your way of showing concern is by doing. From your comments before, I believe you are a compassionate person as well.


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