A Fork in the Road…

In truth, we have so many forks throughout life.

And do you know that many of them don’t seem like forks?

We often think major choices are where the life altering shifts occur, but I think it is the little things we do that have the greatest impact.

I can choose to walk alone.

In and of itself, that does not seem to have much significance, but in walking alone, I am thinking. I am not sharing. I am replaying events often, not factually.

I mean sometimes when we replay, we have glassed over views.

It’s not the same as when it happened. When we replay, we have our expectations added…

This walking alone, isn’t always beneficial to us. Sometimes we need the silence and solitude, but sometimes being alone just adds to our gloom and doom attitude if we are inclined in that way.

I’m sorry, again, for the tangent…always a fork, you know…

On the other hand, if I walk with someone, maybe we talk. Maybe one of us changes the pace walking a little slower to match the speed of the other. Maybe if a word is spoken between us, it will give us something new to ponder. Maybe by waiting and walking with another, we both gain something. Maybe Providence times it just right where what is shared is beneficial to both; encouragement in the form of a look or just companionship/comradery for a moment.

Walking alone offers silence and a comfortable pace; it’s easy to maneuver and change direction should the need arise…

But walking alone forces us to often choose the path that is most familiar; sharing the journey can open up new avenues.

Back to the little things…the other day, I was exhausted. I wanted to get in my recliner and take a much deserved nap. But my youngest asked me to throw the ball with him. My first response was “No. I’m just too tired.” but when he got the ball and glove to play catch alone, I put my shoes on and joined him in the yard.

I enjoyed playing ball again. My dad played ball with me when I was my son’s age. It took me back to a good time in my past. And my son learned a bit about the game and a bit about me. Sadly, I don’t share much of my childhood with my kids. But the little thing of playing ball had a huge impact on him (and me.)

The little things…

Taking a moment out of our busy day to check on someone is a little thing that can go a long way. I know when I get an unexpected “Hey girl, how are you?” text, it makes my day.

We are all so busy and always rushing through this life; those little moments that make us smile, those are the moments we will cherish.

I have had so many huge decisions to make throughout my life. Things like take the job, or not…say yes, or no…speak now or hold my peace forever…move on, or try a little harder…every decision has led me to this place today. And had any one choice ever been different, I would not be where I am now.

And all those little choices: eat the brownie, just one more cup of coffee…actually do affect us.

Think of the little choice to say what’s on our mind, or hold our tongue. How many relationships are ruined because of what was said, or even what wasn’t…

Maybe I want to walk alone, but perhaps the reward is in sharing the journey.

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