Idle Thoughts

I wonder if the snakes curse the devil…

I think it is interesting how when we are suffering with our day to day problems, especially during “that time of the month” or when we lament the mosquitos and gnats, we tend to curse Eve and Adam…

Does it escape our attention that sin had already been committed by Lucifer when he initiated the deception?

Honestly, sin is committed in the heart…when the action comes, the transgression has already been done.

My, what a sobering thought…

I often state that I am the worst person in this world. My thoughts are so dark and twisted from time to time. I seem unrepentant and vindictive and full of hate and spite. I am bitter and unyielding.

When you read my thoughts; when you hear what I really think…you don’t want to hear what I really think. Thank the good LORD HE gave me a filter.

I try so hard, GOD knows how hard I work to keep all that inside and only give love.

But damn, when I am hurt, I lash out; I yell; I slam doors and drawers and cause a huge scene.

Or, I withdraw; I try to stay as far away from people as I can.

I digress, and I apologize.

I was thinking about the snake swimming across the pond and thinking about what it ate…and to think that the serpent was once a beautiful creature with arms and legs that could walk about wherever it wanted. It had free will to roam.

Now, it is cursed to slither on its belly and eat whatever it can find, often eating on the ground level. It must swallow so much dirt and filth. This animal that once was esteemed in the garden is now a scavenger of sorts, literally the lowest creature forced to move around in the dust, lower than low…

I wonder if the snake ever thinks “damn you Lucifer!”, or is that just a human thing to think?

Are we the only species that is so immature?

We are so blinded by our own shortcomings…I say it that way because we judge others by our experiences. We hold people to standards and we never let them know it. We expect others to instinctively understand and know everything but we withhold the key pieces of information. 

How the hell can anyone know anything if we don’t do our part and communicate?

On my own part, I am immature in so many ways…I am ashamed of many things that I think and feel. Thankful for my filter and thankful that I don’t do everything that I damn well could. 

But still, damn you Devil, I didn’t need to deal with all this shit, too.

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