Great Expectations…

Don’t set your expectations high for anyone else…

You will inevitably be disappointed.

People will let you down…

Sometimes not on purpose.

You might be the queen in your mind,

But you are just a pawn in another’s game.

You are limited in your advancement…

Not free to roam as you think.

Find your own game…

And when you find your place, you will rule the board.

It won’t be forced…

You will be free.

6 thoughts on “Great Expectations…

  1. I’m definitely the pawn in every game. Sometimes I advance when I should retreat and sometimes I retreat when I need to put on my big girl breeches and advance. I won’t lie, sometimes I forget to pray and wait for His guidance, which usually puts me 10 steps from where He wanted me. UGH…..


    1. The point I was trying to make is that maybe it’s the wrong game…you can be and are often a pawn in the game, but when you find your place, you will be the queen.
      For me, this was losing myself…
      I had to leave my comfort zone and go somewhere completely foreign. I’m just sitting back and watching the other players…I’m learning the moves. (I’m also beating myself up for missing a step here and there, so don’t let my comments fool you.) I know where I want to be and I’m not going to let small minded people effect my plans. So while I look like the pawn, I’m patiently waiting (through HIS grace and mercy) for my time.
      This was also because I put trust in others, not on the ONE who could deliver. I expect more from myself because of my convictions and my faith in GOD. I had relied too much on mortals so when HE opened the door, I had no intention of letting it shut on me.
      In some aspects, we are supposed to be pawns; find the right game and that’s when and where you’ll be free.


  2. I like how you broke that down. SO if you have an idea of where you want to me does that mean you understand God’s purpose for you? Or am I trying to combine two unrelated things?


    1. If where you want to be and where HE leads you are the same, then you will know it.
      I want to be somewhere else. I have high flying goals, but HE led me to a place where I’m not familiar… and I am very uncomfortable with this, but I’m trusting this is HIS will and purpose. I changed my plans to match what I feel HE wants me to do.
      I still want to soar, but I am going to wait for HIM. Right now, I’m putting in the work to build a good foundation.
      I’m learning the game and taking my time doing so. I don’t mind being the pawn for a season, but I still feel like I’m in control because I know better is on the way.
      Does that make sense? Answer your question??
      I never claim to know anything; I can only HOPE…


  3. I don’t think you know everything, it’s just nice to hear someone else’s POV. Somethings that’s what you need to get you out of tunnel vision. So my big question is How do I know if where I am is where he wants me to be or where I put myself thinking with the flesh?


    1. This is a tricky question because I don’t claim to know anything. I don’t know how to know, I just have a strong hope that I’m where I need to be.


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