Steady as You Go

How fast things change

Yet how much they stay the same.

The past few years

I feel like I’m still there

Like nothing has changed,

But in truth, so much is different.

On the outside looking in,

You can’t see the change.

At least not at first.

But looking closer, you can see

Just how different a year made me.

How much I’ve changed.

We all make changes

Often in small steps.

Such little things as not to notice.

But overtime, it adds up

Just as the water softens the rock,

Persistence is the key.

Be resilient. Motivated.

Dedicated and consistent.

Little steps, little strides.

Steady movement forward.

Look how far you can get

In just a year’s time.

2 thoughts on “Steady as You Go

  1. I had a friend tell me on Friday “Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow” then I read this post today. Both are referring to taking small steps in order to produce the changes you need in life. I will admit that for my professional life, I am practicing this 85-90% of the time but my personal life…well that’s more like 25-30%. I try really hard sometimes but most times I fail. It’s so hard to see/do the little things when your mind is so focused on what you want the end result to be.


    1. It’s like when we’re young, how many times did you try to skip steps going upstairs or climbing the steps of a slide only to misjudge and miss a step bringing you crashing down? When we make steps out of sequence, we miss out on the lesson…and sometimes have to start over.
      It’s not a race…forward movement is forward. We need to take our time growing. Skipping a step doesn’t help us in the long run.


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