Tone is everything.

Tone influences attitude. It is word choice and inflection.

A harmless question asked in the wrong tone can elicit an unwanted response.

“Trigger” questions/ ”trigger” statements/ ”trigger” responses. 

These make the hearer defensive. It causes the blood pressure to rise. Fists to clench, voices to strain.

On the flip side, an insult delivered in an encouraging tone can be taken as a compliment. When done correctly, you can cut someone down without their knowledge…

Tone sets the impression, often the first impression made…it can make or break the relation.

I recently met a lady who posed a valid question, but her tone was accusatory and slightly insulting, to me.

It just so happens that her question, I am asked time and time again, and it has become a “trigger” or pet-peeve of mine. 

I take offense to the question, but I shouldn’t. 

I should be honored and humbled to impart the knowledge on another, especially since the topic is something about which I am passionate.

I know this in theory, but in practice, it is a different story. 

I need to practice controlling my reactions. Because my knee jerk reaction is to lower my voice, shift my tone, and rip you to shreds while you wish you’d never spoken to me.

Perhaps that is why lately I have felt tested. I still need to practice what is true in theory…

Maybe then I can master the effect tone has on me.

Maybe I can be slow to anger and slow to wrath…more understanding and compassionate.

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