I’m Lost

I fear I’m starting to lose my focus.

I’m getting discouraged with all this ruckus.

Every day is something new presented

I’m confused, (this is so demented.)

One day I learned to do it this way.

And the next I was told this isn’t the way.

So now I’m dumbfounded and stuck between

What I know, what I’m told, and the way it should be.

I’m lost.

You put it in writing for me to see

You told me this is how it will be

Yet again you come and say it’s not right

But I show you, see it with your own eyes.

How can anyone learn to do and grow

When they can’t do what they are told

Because it changes every. single. day.

You don’t even know what you say.

I’m lost.

I’m doing the very best I can

I’m giving my all; all that I am.

I’m bound and determined to conquer this

And keep on growing. (see it’s on my list)

This little setback is just that,

A little blip that won’t hold me back.

I’ll dig in and put in the work

I’ll reach my goal; I know my worth.

4 thoughts on “I’m Lost

  1. I needed to read this today. I haven’t been sleeping well for just this same reason. In both my professional and personal life I feel I’ve lost focus and I’m taking steps backwards to cope. I’m reverting back to things that make me feel better for a moment but are not helpful or healthy. I think I’ll print this one out to as my reminder. Thanks for sharing your world to help others in theirs.


    1. I think we sometimes feel like we carry around so much darkness ourselves that we can’t see how we might be a light to someone else in need. I want to thank you for your comments because sometimes that is what I need as a reminder for me to keep going.
      I understand about reverting to learned behaviors…it is so easy, so much more so than to resist bad habits. Just know that you are not alone; so many of us don’t want to admit it that we, too, struggle with moving forward. Stopping is so easy. Taking a little break is easy. But as in exercising, when we stop and relax, we lose the contraction and hinder our progress; we must keep moving.
      Thank you for your light! Keep shining. I see you!!


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