He Didn’t Know

He didn’t know my name…

I guess I should have been prepared, but I wasn’t. I was the last one he’d remembered. 

When he didn’t know anyone else, he would always call me by name. 

But not today. 

I tried to keep the conversation going; tried to talk of the past, tried to jog his memory, but nothing came. 

I was a stranger, just visiting and providing a little company for a short time. 

It’s heartbreaking…

When the ones you love, forget…

And they are still physically well…

But mentally somewhere far away. 

I know that he still loves me; there is no question about that. 

And because I love him, I will go visit every chance I have.

He doesn’t have to know who I am; I know him and being in his presence is enough for me.

2 thoughts on “He Didn’t Know

  1. This is so heartbreaking to hear but So completely understand your situation. I went through that with my Grandfather’s and it was torchure. I lived For the moments we knew me and the many memories we shared together. Stay strong my friend you’ll be in my prayers


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