New Message

You know how you get a text or email and it changes everything?

Why do they always seem to come when you least expect?

And why does it seem to always be negative?

It ruins my day…especially first thing in the morning.

It’s a dark cloud that hangs low, bringing me down under all that pressure. I become someone I don’t like. I snap at people…unprovoked. I don’t talk; I withdraw into myself.

I’m ill, mean and bitter.

Everything rubs me wrong. And there is nothing that can be done to change my mood.

On the flip side, I have received messages of hope and encouragement. And I will admit that my spirits are lifted. 

I feel light and almost bubbly, which is definitely not me. 

But I think, O MY GOSH, someone cares enough to stop what they’re doing just to say “hey” or “you got this” or whatever it is.

And for a short time, I’m revived.

Shallow, isn’t it?

But seriously, look at the difference in the chemical/physical reaction to the written word!

And it is temporary. It doesn’t last all day, especially something positive. It doesn’t last.


Because the chemicals fade…dissipate in the body and are soon replaced by the usual flood of mundane.

What if we could change that?

What if we could take that drop of negativity and flip it?

Most of the time something sets us off, is it not something to which we are already sensitive? Do we not have a heightened feeling towards the topic or the messenger?

That’s like the positive message. Always coming from the same person, it loses its appeal, but when it comes from outside the usual, it is extra special.

So how do we capture the good feelings and hold on to them?

How can we let go of the bad as quick as the good?

Why do we do this to ourselves?

I don’t like looking for trouble and I try not to trigger people. I always wonder how something will be received; still I do hurt people from time to time. AND IT KILLS ME. 

I received a message the other day that triggered me with fear…and it really sent me on a downward spiral. I stewed for a bit, but instead of confrontation, instead of losing my cool and upsetting someone else, I thought about the message, the implications, and the facts I know. I responded with facts. I took a deep breath, and my day was immensely better.

I could have ruined the day for at least three other people, but I made a conscious decision to take my emotions out and stick to what I know.

It was liberating: breaking free of the negativity that was supposed to come and instead set it right and proper.

We must break these cycles if we want to be better, happier.

It’s not going to be easy, not by a long shot. 

We must make a conscious effort, be determined, to change the flow and inspire positivity. 

We have to flip the message we send our brain that says we can’t and remind it we can do all things through CHRIST. 

HE had the most negativity thrown at HIM, yet HE remained solid. 

Build our foundation on HIM, and it will stay strong and sure. 

And why not be the reason someone else smiles today?

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