Race Ya!

What are we racing towards?

I get so caught up in the race against the clock and it is exhausting.

Why are we constantly in such a hurry to make it to the next day? The next weekend? The next month? 

We chase after milestones, and for what? What purpose? Do we not see and understand that reaching that point doesn’t accomplish anything? Not really. It puts us closer to the next step, but it also hastens our lives. 

We have a set purpose on this earth and when we make it there, that’s it. Game over. Roll credits cause the movie is done. 

I hate this feeling that I have to do this and that by such and such time. I’m sick of scrambling to reach step after step and not taking a moment to enjoy where I AM. 

Everything in our lives must be done now. Gone are the days when we could do something when we could get around to it. It must be instant. Patience has ceased to be a virtue anyone possesses. 

We strive for instant gratification, instant information and instant connectivity. 

I am the same and I absolutely hate it!

I am so tired of being tethered to everything and bound by obligations to do it now. 

I am terrified of what the future holds when we are so rushed to get there. 

I don’t want to be a slave to time. We only have a little we are allotted; I do not want to waste it by running through this life chasing the end only to get there and find that it is truly the end. 

I’m terrified of wasting my life wishing I was doing something else. 

I’m always in a position where I can be satisfied; why do I always want more? Why can’t I just enjoy where I am? 

This too shall pass…this life is not permanent; it will not last forever. 

Let us strive to enjoy the time we have.

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