Under the impression he was following what was right; he hunted and tortured any followers of Christ. He was the best in his field and he quickly advanced; he stoned, maimed, killed…no disciples stood a chance. Until he was stricken on the way to the next town, completely left defenseless and helpless on his own. His traveling companions left him confounded. As Jesus Christ spoke to him and made his eyes bounded. While Christ took the sight away from Saul, HE opened the eyes of the one called Paul. He publically stood and spoke of Christ, boldly professing of the One who changed his life. He would not back down; he would not yield, despite the fact his beliefs could have him killed. With all that he did to persecute the LORD, Paul was still chosen to spread HIS Word. And Paul called himself the chief of sinners, freely admitted transgressions against the Savior. But the LORD chose him to be a servant, and spread the Gospel wherever he went. He preached hope in Christ to have a new meaning in life. He placed his faith and hope in the LORD above, knowing his flesh was unworthy of perfect love. All of his past crimes were forgiven by God and he was shown clearly the path he would trod. And still with all the assurances he had, that he was chosen by GOD that was a fact; but he still had concern that he could be wrong, the flesh would fight; but his faith was made strong. I sometimes think of how great was his change and wonder if maybe I could encounter the same. But I think too sometimes that I am so vile and so far gone; I know GOD is able, but it is I who can’t seem to let go. HE has all power and can do all things; and I can do nothing but won’t release the reigns. If I could be blessed to let everything go; everything that isn’t mine to control; I would be at peace, I would know rest; if I could ever in this life be so blessed. And that is the thing, is it not for you?, to go our own way thinking it’s good and true. How much better would life for us be, if we submit to GOD and give HIM the reigns? To be blinded as Saul and see no man, to be given eyes as Paul and be shown the great I AM.

My imagination fails me to even start to think…how magnificent and beautiful…to be shown so much wonder…

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