Frantic Pacing

I feel so small right now
tight in a ball right now
stuck in my feelings right now
don't like this feeling right now

my insecurities are growing
my self doubt isn't slowing
like a disease overflowing
paranoid: is it showing?!?

I hear voices
and noises
and snickers

Quiet talking all around me
low self esteem wrapped around me
paralyzing fear seeps around me
want to hide from all around me

being pulled in all directions
pushed and lead, no exceptions
seed of doubt like inception
planted deep; start infection

there is no cure
I am sure
further lure
so impure

no one to trust right now
imperfect dust right now
I feel displaced right now
a little disgraced right now

all this frantic pacing
all these emotions racing
all the lines retracing
can't handle what I'm facing.

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