Roots of doubt and sin run deep. We can pull out the roots and clean up all the trash, but if we leave just one piece behind, that one piece is enough to start a new plant. 

Think in the natural sense, how bulbs are cut and multiplied. These plants become resistant to all kinds and types of methods of extermination.

They become resilient…

It almost seems the more we work on removing the problem, the bigger the problem becomes. 

When we dwell on doubt, it grows and spreads. It may start as a little persistent nagging before impacting other areas of life. Our imperfections are magnified. Our missteps become major factors. Our mistakes become our legacy. 

The same happens with sin…like the adage states: one lie to cover another, one sin hides the next…it pushes the original sin down and builds on it, strengthening the root, making a strong hold. We start with a little sin, taking that inch, crossing the line…to what end? 

The more we do, the more we add to our sins. If we try on our own to cover it up, or pull it out, it comes back stronger. 

We need help. 

GOD’s grace and forgiveness doesn’t give us a free-pass. HE didn’t redeem to allow for excuses. We are held to a higher standard. 

Our sins are what nailed the Savior to the cross. We put the crown of thorns on HIS head and pierced HIS side. Yet HE forgave HIS children…past, present and future. 

We should extend that grace and forgiveness to others…

and to ourselves…

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