Frantic Pacing

I feel so small right nowtight in a ball right nowstuck in my feelings right nowdon't like this feeling right nowmy insecurities are growingmy self doubt isn't slowinglike a disease overflowingparanoid: is it showing?!?I hear voicesand noiseswhispersand snickersQuiet talking all around melow self esteem wrapped around meparalyzing fear seeps around mewant to hide from all … Continue reading Frantic Pacing


Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah were tried by fire. Literally. Their faith was put to the test as they were thrown into the furnace for bowing to their GOD. The men who bound them and who threw them into the flames were immediately burned by the roaring fire. Yet these three calmly walked in the midst, … Continue reading Fires