The light at the end of the tunnel…I once joked that the light flickered and faded and all I saw was the dark tunnel. Here’s the question: what is the tunnel?

Usually they are underground…a way to go from one place to another. Sometimes it is cool, temperature wise, with the earth on all sides. Depending on the size, it could feel like being buried, suffocating even. 

Tunnels are often damp…definitely dark…but by definition there is a way out…an entrance and exit. 

This life is full of tunnels; it is full of trials where we are surrounded by the darkness. We are cold, covered in tears, full of fear and feeling alone. Our tunnel may be short, long, wide or narrow…sometimes they are flooded with emotions that drag us down…

There is a light in the darkness. Where there is prayer, there is God. He is the light. He never flickers or fades; His light precedes all and will remain without end. 

The Lord will lead you through many tunnels in life…He leads you through the tunnel. He doesn’t take you to the tunnel and leave you there; He makes the way for you. 

Our defense against the darkness is to bow before the Lord in prayer. 

Thank You Lord for your light! Thank You for shining through others to help me through the tunnels of life!

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