Sometimes I just need to draw a butterfly…

When I start to panic and think about drawing some lines, I try to think “butterfly.” Let’s try to be positive and spread some cheer instead of hurt and pain.

What if we change, not just how we look, but how we see? 

You know the caterpillar sees the world looking up. It has to climb high to see what it’s looking at…it’s too close to its surroundings…only when it goes through the darkness, wrapped in a tunnel-like structure, suffocating, trapped, does it change into a butterfly. It changes its look, yes, but it changes its VIEW too.

Maybe what we need is a change in perspective…a clean slate.

We are washed clean by the blood of the Savior, but we still struggle with the flesh. We are at war with the devil and he knows how to use our insecurities against us. The devil knows us well. He knows our weaknesses and boy does he use them to try to drive a wedge between us and the LORD. 

The devil knows how I hurt myself. He knows my insecurities; he often throws them in my face…and that’s when I’m too close…that’s when I need a change in perspective. I need to back up and see what’s really going on.

Because the devil is cunning. He is skilled in deception. He can speak truth but twist it…

And that is where I get stuck…I know the truth, but he takes it and manipulates it and uses it against me. But I am not alone. He wants me to think I am, but I am not alone. My LORD is here with me, seeing it all, over it all. My GOD is in control of everything and HE will not allow the devil to touch the soul of any of HIS children. My complete trust is in my Lord and Savior. 

So I’m going through the darkness, going through the transition from being too close, to realizing GOD has me. And I will remind myself of this over and over because the devil attacks me over and over. GOD is the only steady, unchanging: HE is sure and true.

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