How Often…

How often do we lie to ourselves?

When we look into the mirror, do we see ourselves as we are, or do we see our reflection distorted by our imagination? Do we show ourselves any grace?

How often do we tell ourselves we’re not good enough? How often do we put ourselves down?

How often do we say harsh words to ourselves and tear ourselves apart…saying we’re unworthy…we can’t do this…?

How often…maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m the only one… who lies…who tells myself that I don’t matter…that everyone would be better off…without me…

You know, I am thankful that GOD meets me in my darkness. HE shines the light on my lies. HE pours grace over me and covers me with mercy. HE shows me that lies are really fear.

Fear misplaced is manifested in doubt, pain, anger…lies and deceit are found in darkness, but the truth and justice are of the light. What we do in the dark will always show in the light. There is no hiding the truth from the LORD.

GOD is so good. HIS truth is what we need. HIS truth sets HIS children free from the bonds of lies, fear, and darkness.

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