Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah were tried by fire. Literally. Their faith was put to the test as they were thrown into the furnace for bowing to their GOD. The men who bound them and who threw them into the flames were immediately burned by the roaring fire. Yet these three calmly walked in the midst, worshiping their Savior, and communing with HIM. 

What an example they are to the weary!

JESUS told his disciples to have a little faith when they faced a dilemma. HE further explained that faith the size of a mustard seed could move mountains. Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah had that faith without seeing JESUS in the flesh. 

Perhaps we sometimes think that living in JESUS’s day would be easier…you’d see proof in the flesh, but what about those who believed before CHRIST walked among us?


The LORD GOD is my Provider. HE gives everything I need and more. 

If I can be blessed to see without seeing and know HIM, HE will provide the protection, mercy and grace Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah saw when they were tried by fire. 

Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah were renamed Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego when they were in Babylon. Those names might be a little more familiar. 

How many of us have the faith to step into the flames when they rise around us? How many of us cower and give in?

Perspective. We are shallow even at our deepest level. 

Can we even cry, “LORD, give me strength”?

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