By Example

Every day I go to work, I think to myself that I will not let anyone else’s actions have an effect on me and how I feel. 

I usually go in to work with a decent attitude but when I open that first email, I start losing the battle. 

All it takes is for one email to set my whole day on a downward spiral. 

Yet each day I try to make the same resolution as the day before. 

One day, I will succeed. 

I’m much different in my personal life. I don’t usually respond so unpleasant to other’s actions. 

I guess I feel like outside of work, no one is a professional. I’m much more tolerant. I understand we all have differing views and we all have lives in our minds that no one else is privy. I make allowances because I’m not always the most attentive person. I miss things too. 

But on the professional side, we have a common goal and we should be able to work together. I just often feel that some people expect me to carry their weight as well as my own. 

And that is what bothers me and really causes me to internalize such harsh responses. 

On the outside, I’ll be cool and calm, but on the inside is a raging lion. 

Despite the current events surrounding me and the unprecedented times in which we live, today I am going to try once more to not let anyone steal my joy. 

It’s all on me anyway. I can choose to be happy in spite of my situation or I can let every little thing bring me down.

And too, I can choose what I feed myself. If I want to be mad at the world, I can definitely accomplish that with little difficulty. Turn on the news or open my social media and I’m flooded with negativity. 

But I don’t need or want that in my life. 

I have enough problems and enough strife in my own life than to borrow from someone else. 

I cannot control anyone else. Why should I let their actions control me? 

I am working on a better me…a me that is better today than yesterday. Not better than you or anyone else, but better than me. 

That’s all I have to do. Improve myself and live by example.

So today, one more time, I will do my best to not be influenced by another’s actions.

4 thoughts on “By Example

    1. In theory, we have tomorrow, but there is no promise that tomorrow will come. If I can’t make it through the whole day without being negatively impacted, maybe I can make it through longer than yesterday.
      I just have to remember to face one battle at a time. I have to see the trigger for what it is and control my reaction.
      It’s my reaction that is the problem, not the trigger.


  1. Well this use to be a huge struggle for me but I had to stop taking work home and stop taking it so personally that I changed me. Everyday it requires effort and some days I slip but my dammit doll helps. Do you need one?


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