Smallish Vent

You know what sucks?

It’s having a big sensitive heart.

It’s giving so much of yourself…and getting nothing in return.

Because you forget…not everyone feels or expresses themselves the same way.

It’s expecting something…when you damn well know your expectations are too high.

You set yourself up for a letdown.

Stop it.

Stop counting on others for happiness. Happiness is found within yourself.

Other people can’t make you happy and you shouldn’t give anyone that responsibility.

You shouldn’t want anyone to have that kind of control over you.

Something as simple as your mood is something huge!

You have the power within yourself to make anything a wonderful experience…it is all in how you handle it. Learn to control your responses to external stimuli.

When you feel yourself start to slip to a bad place, examine why and what happened to cause the change. Was it something that “happened” or something you “thought” whether it be something you thought should or should not happen… Take a minute and examine why you feel the way you do and should you really have that response…

Don’t let things outside of you control you.

Don’t let anyone have that power over you.

I don’t care who it is…you are your best friend and worst enemy.

Build yourself up and don’t let anyone or anything tear you down.

One thought on “Smallish Vent

  1. Are you preaching to me? Hell…you are just preaching in general I think. What a powerful message! If this is how you vent, please keep it coming. I need to hear this everyday. I tell it to others but don’t practice it. It’s so hard to do. But you cant say something is hard if you are not actively trying not to do it and I will be honest I haven’t always actively tried. Thanks for the reminder that “I” not he or she is responsible for my happines.

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