Once upon a time, there was a little girl who got her heart shattered by the person she trusted most. 

Her best friend. 

The one person in the world who she should have been able to count on for anything and everything. 

Her dad. 

He transitioned from being her best friend to the person she wanted as little to do with as possible. 

The person who haunted her dreams. 

And made her life miserable. 

He was the one who taught her to never love again, and to trust no one. 

And to this day, she hasn’t let anyone fully in her heart. 

She tells herself she doesn’t need anyone. 

That she is independent. 

But in truth, that scar still splits and bleeds from time to time. She has never completely healed. 

What she needs is to gain independence from her past mistakes. Forgive the child within. She wasn’t old enough to prepare. She was just collateral damage. 

It wasn’t her fault. And though she’s tried, she hasn’t moved on with her life. 

Her dad has long since departed from this world. She missed out on learning what and why from him. 

Now, she must let go of that hurt because where the hurt dwells, no love can take its place. 

She needs to clean out the cobwebs from her heart and mind to make room for the love she needed her whole life. 

Until then, she will never be able to receive the love she deserves. 

We are all worthy and deserving of love. I’m afraid we tend to hold on to so much negativity that there is little room for love or anything good left. 

We must learn to let the darkness go and let love come to us. 

Be love for others and allow love to return to you. 

Blessings will follow.

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