Eyes…Always Watching




Eyes tracking my every step, judging my pace, measuring my breathing, reading my thoughts. 

Imperceptible movement from the stalker…really just the eyes following me as I passed. 

Hoping I tripped, maybe?

Contemplating how silly I must be walking toward no real destination, having no goal, or plan?

I could read her thoughts, ‘yep, real bright one here…’

I turned to my daughter who was walking with me and asked if she felt as violated as I, being so severely judged…

I felt like prey walking towards a trap. Just waiting for the predator to strike. 

Finally out of the line of sight, we both could breathe a little easier. 

We reached the end of the path and had to return the way we came. Back past those watchful eyes. 

Silently our stalker had left her vantage point and we were both in dismay as to her location. 

Was she just ahead, lying in wait for us to pass so she could attack, or had she determined we were not worth her time?

When you live in constant paranoia, even the wildlife is out to get you, conspiring with the universe for your demise. 

I’m sure the doe finished her grazing and returned to her home, but as far as I’m concerned, her eyes will haunt me for a while yet.

Mind games…the mind will tell you lies all day long, what you choose to believe will affect how you behave. 

Be careful of what you speak and do, you are not always aware of the ears that hear and the eyes that see…

Your mind is a powerful place and a dangerous thing if left unchecked.

2 thoughts on “Eyes…Always Watching

  1. I never feel that way until I’m trying to do something difficult or against the grain. Does that sound silly?. I feel insignificant until then and it’s them that I feel everyone is watching, waiting, wanting me to mess up so they can laugh, point, or feel like they have to save me


    1. No, it’s not silly to feel that way. But progress is made by doing the difficult. It’s easy to go with the flow, but that’s how you end up at the bottom. Remember, we are climbing higher; we must go against the flow. That is the only way to level up.


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