Free Fall

I’m in a free fall

Floating on the breeze

Suspended in time

The wind washing over me. 

Everything is smooth

No worries or cares

Just drifting along

Soaring on the air. 

The sun on my face

Warms me within

Such a lovely feeling 

I can’t help but grin. 

Quickly wiped away 

As I’m jolted in my place

The grin turns to tears

The pain shows on my face

I’m ripped from flight

And cast into the sea

Getting sucked back down

The water is hard to breathe. 

I fight towards the surface

I kick with all my might

But the more I resist 

The further I have to fight. 

The sun in my face

Mocks me from above 

How could I have thought 

I could have been so loved?

Just when the light

Finally starts to dim

I open up my lungs 

The water rushes in. 

I’m grabbed from behind 

And tossed back to the sky

Back into my free fall

On the wind, I now fly.

The cycle it repeats.

I know what happens next:

As I’m floating in time

My flight path is hexed. 

I’ll be forced back down

And pushed to the brink

And when I start to give

And let myself sink,

I’ll be lifted up again

And think I am free

But I cannot separate 

This cord that’s tied to me. 

It’s woven in my flesh

And become who I am

Tethered to the waves 

And bonded with the wind, 

To be tossed to and fro

And trapped in misery

To be taunted by the thought 

I could ever be free.

What if what is holding us back is nothing more than our perception? Perhaps we are not as fixed in our path as we sometimes feel. We know the cycle, so why do we accept it and not do better? Let us not fall victim to our own minds. Let us cut the cord and trust in our Creator to guide us safely.

4 thoughts on “Free Fall

  1. Is so easy to follow the negative. It requires less work and the path is clear. How do you push yourself out of the safety of the negativity? A new beginning, a new path is scary and unpredictable and can hurt.


    1. Hard work and dedication, to yourself.
      Yes, any change in trajectory is scary. But, unless you go through the changes, unless you face the unpredictable, you will not leave your current situation. You might get hurt, you probably will, but you must keep going.


    1. Prayer. When I realize what path my thoughts are taking, I try to pray for GOD to take it from me. I spend many situations trying to beg GOD to get me through it.
      You can say anything you want, but you have to believe in those affirmations, otherwise they are just words.


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