A Fog

Lately I have been in such a fog. 

This time of the year is never easy. 

It’s the end of things;

When the days are dark and dreary. 

The year has grown so old

The trees have lost all their leaves

There’s a chill in the air 

As if there is ice in the breeze. 

The sun still shines 

And the moon has her phases 

But it’s washed out

No longer vibrant, just tired and faded. 

Like I seem to feel

During this time of the year 

When everyone else 

Seems to be happy and full of cheer. 

With the bright lights

Colorful bows and giddy songs

Always festive 

Throughout the night and all day long. 

But starting in the eleventh month,

When the festivities really begin,

I tend to notice the year

How she is tired and preparing to end. 

I can’t be that excited 

To leave another year behind;

I think of all my friends 

Who’ve this year run out of time. 

And I always wonder 

Will this time be my last…

Will I see another close

Or will I be lost in the past?

This time of year is so hard for me 

To try to match the mood

When all I see is grey

As the year passes too soon. 

The new year dawning

With all its infant charms 

Will captivate our fancy

While she ages and catches on. 

She’ll mature in time

And I’ll learn to love her too

And watch as she grows

Until she loses her bloom. 

Then I’ll lament her turn

As she prepares for her last rest

When she too turns cold

After she has evolved and done her best. 

And so it will be

Every year during this season

I’ll be in a fog

And now you know the reason.

2 thoughts on “A Fog

    1. For me, the fog starts to lift at the beginning of March. It is around that time the year begins to pick up and the colors start to return. Right now, the year is in its infancy; still holding on to the past, not wanting to break through… or maybe not strong enough yet.
      But the fog will always be lifted; it, too, came to pass and not to stay.


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