Life is Pain

“Life is pain; you get used to it…”

But why does it have to be? And why do we have to focus on the pain so much? Why can’t we just let it go?

I’m so tired of hurting and so tired of being hurt. 

But if I didn’t hurt, then I wouldn’t love either. Not that love is pain, but any time you give part of yourself, you run the risk of being hurt. 

So maybe the pain isn’t such a bad thing. Maybe the pain means I’m human and I care. 

It’s easier to say I don’t care and easier to stay to myself. 

It would be safer to not give of myself to anyone. 

But I’ve never done things the easy way. 

And safe isn’t exactly how I want to live. 

I want to live a full life. 

I want to love unconditionally. 

I want to give myself selflessly. 

Life may be painful; I’ll get used to it and not only that, I’ll be blessed for living true to my belief.

Love and peace to all…

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